A multi-decade clean energy revolution has begun

Vivid Energy Fund

Vivid Capital Management is an independently owned asset manager that instinctively seeks inceptive trends, differentiated ideas, under-appreciated companies and macro themes with large payoffs for investment by The Vivid Energy Fund.

Our skill lies in identifying these opportunities and realizing their magnitude early. Vivid’s investments are often in uncrowded areas of the market both from a long and a short perspective.

The Vivid Energy Fund focuses its investments in the irreversible transition underway in energy and transportation towards energy sources, products and materials which achieve the maximum benefit for the lowest cost with the lowest environmental footprint.

Uncrowded areas of the market both from a long and a short perspective.

Legal: BLG
Auditor: KPMG
Fund Administrator: Apex
Trustee: Computershare
Prime Broker: RBC
RSP Eligible: Yes

* Note: performance returns for the Vivid Energy Fund are of the lead series, Series A Units – Master Series, and are shown net of all fees, expenses and HST. ** Note: Investing in Canadian and international equities long and short is the primary strategy for the Vivid Energy Fund, but the Vivid Energy Fund does not invest in all or necessarily any of the securities that compose the market indexes. Reference to the indexes does not imply that the Vivid Energy Fund will achieve returns similar to the indexes.